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What Parents and Students Say About Us

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Student Quotes:

“Rocket ships can fly by fire.” -Elias

“Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system.” -Ari

“Mercury is close to the sun.” -Renan

“I like to be up in the climber!” – Vivian

“I like going on truck mountain and I learned that some dinosaurs are big and some are small.” – Anna

“My favorite thing is the climber. And planets rotate around the sun.” – Luke

“My favorite thing about Sunflower is playing outside. I learned that you can fall right through Jupiter!” – Marcus

 “My favorite thing about Sunflower are the swings.  I learned that dinosaurs are extinct.” – Fiona

 “My favorite thing about Sunflower are the monkey bars. I learned that Triceratops and T-Rex fight each other.” Brooke

“My favorite thing at Sunflower is riding the trikes.  I learned that T-Rex has two claws.” – Ori

“My favorite thing at Sunflower is playing outside.  I learned EVERYTHING about dinosaurs.” – Robert

“My favorite thing about Sunflower is doing art projects. I learned that the Pterodactyl is a flying dinosaur.” – Carter

“I will always remember my time at Sunflower Preschool. It stands out as one of the best parts of my education and my life. Sunflower wasn’t an ordinary place for me. It was special. I learned to be independent and creative. The hands-on activities were unique and were related to the real world. The things I learned at Sunflower are things I still use today.” Nick Leggett, Sunflower Graduate 1992

I learned the difference between comets and shooting stars. Shooting stars are made of rock and fire and comets are made out of ice. Leo Rothstein, Sunflower Graduate 2008

Parent Quotes:

Sunflower: a place for fun, adventure, discovery, and safety.  We could not be happier with the staff, the facility, or the experiences that our children have had at Sunflower.  Both our children attended/will attend Sunflower for three years, and we are so impressed with the growth, development, education, and love that each has experienced.  We feel very fortunate to be a part of the Sunflower family for five wonderful years! 2011-Current Parents Michael and Shelby Warshaw

Sunflower was a cure-all for us. After recently moving to the area, and being disappointed with a summer camp we had registered with before moving, we discovered Sunflower. We knew after our first visit that it was the right place for us: a huge part of each day is spent outdoors in the marvelous space they have created, and the indoor activities are captivating and spark the imagination. The emphasis on environment, sustainability, and science is wonderful to find in a preschool, and helps reinforce the lessons we try to teach at home. Daily snacks made from scratch in the kitchen, or cultivated and harvested in their own backyard, are a fantastic bonus! After a very happy summer, we continued on with Sunflower for another year and grew to love it more. I know that my daughter is more than prepared for any challenges kindergarten will bring her way. In addition to the wonderful outdoor and indoor activities, the teachers fostered a respectful atmosphere. My daughter always felt comfortable, made many friends, and I know that this important part of her social development will have a positive impact on her future in school. Thank you, Sunflower! Current Parent Robin Bernstein

Sunflower Preschool has been so many things to my daughter the last two years; It was somewhere to immerse herself in her creative side through art and dress-up; It was somewhere to explore our world in the science room, the fantastic outdoor play area, and through field trips; It was somewhere to learn to write her name in the fanciest, swirliest letters she could imagine, peppered with pink hearts. But mostly, it was a place to play and grow with her many Sunflower friends. Sunflower has been a very special place to her and us. Thank you! 2011-2014 Parent Lisa Chase

Sunflower Preschool was home to my two oldest children and they LOVED it. They wanted to go to school every day. I even got the pleasure of subbing there once in a while. My youngest is at the age where he can go to school as well and he will probably attend Sunflower as well. I cannot say enough good things about the school and the staff. They genuinely love each and every child and they make sure that the children know it. I would go myself if I could. Thanks for EVERYTHING Sunflower! 2007-2012 Parent Isabel Cousins

Sunflower has a great thing going! Our family has been part of the Sunflower community for four fun years. Their teachers are experienced, caring, and full of ideas. The curriculum changes every few months which keeps things interesting and exciting. The kids (and I) learn so much about dinosaurs, space, bugs, and more. I love that my daughter could say paleontologist (and know what it meant) when she was 3 years old. Sunflower does a wonderful job of offering art projects throughout the year with all sorts of media. My oldest daughter still loves art and I credit a lot of that to Sunflower. I’m happy that they eat outside as much as possible and value time spent in nature. Not only are the kids “challenged” inside the classroom but the outdoor space allows them to play and learn in fun ways too. The play based philosophy is wonderful. My daughters were always engaged and learning, and most importantly having fun. My oldest daughter was very well prepared socially and academically for elementary school. Both girls have always felt safe and happy at Sunflower. I feel lucky that we’ve been part of such a wonderful community, and I will miss Sunflower when our youngest heads to elementary school. 2010-2013 Parents Tadd and Michelle Vancil

We highly recommend Sunflower. Our daughter and son, who are very different in terms of interests and abilities, each profited from and enjoyed their years here. The curriculum is science-based and the kids learn a remarkable amount and develop a genuine interest in nature. They also get lots of good, old-fashioned outdoor play time (even in winter). The teachers are adept at dealing with kids as individuals, giving them what they need to succeed and move on to Kindergarten. My husband and I each made friends with teachers and other parents…Sunflower fosters a community of like-minded people. 2009-2012 Parents Kirsten and Mike Nobel

 This will be our sixth, and final year of being a Sunflower family. Both of  our girls started when they were two and a half years old and luckily got to experience 3 years at this amazing school! Sunflower has always felt so warm and welcoming. All of the teachers are so invested in each and every child and make them feel safe and loved. Sunflower is a magical place that fosters independence, inquiry and compassion in all the little ones who attend this preschool. We will most certainly miss it when we leave. 2008-2013 Parent Leslie Hamilton

Sunflower has been a constant in my children’s lives for six years and I feel blessed to have had such wonderful, committed and caring teachers help them grow. Their dedication to the mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of my son and daughter has been more than I could have asked for, with results greater than I could have hoped for. Sunflower will be a part of our lives and hearts forever, a great educational decision for our family. 2007-2010 Parents Chris and Paula Greene

My daughter learned that the Allosaurus was a carnivore (who sometimes ate plants by mistake), and that the asteroid belt separates the inner and outer planets (and that you can’t land on gas giants). She came home singing a new song each week, learned to eat her protein first, and mastered both the tree pose and the monkey bars. But most important is the fun she had with the “about fifty-ten thousand friends” she made at Sunflower. I was as comfortable having my daughter at Sunflower as I was leaving her with my own mother. I was always sure she would be safe, have fun, and would expand both her knowledge and creativity. The exceptional Sunflower staff made our first school experience a positive one. By encouraging us to spend time with our kids in the school and always making sure to tell us about our kids’ significant achievements as well as challenges, the school helped us parents through this critical transition period. 2006-2008 Parent Tertia Speiser

From my first visit I felt this was an environment where my precious child could grow, and I was right. As the years went by I saw her develop self esteem, confidence and knowledge of the world around us. I’m so proud to say we are parents of a Sunflower child and can only hope that the future educational, recreational, developmental experiences in her life will be as great as our Sunflower experience has been. I am so grateful to the Sunflower staff for the support and wisdom our family was able to take advantage of. I’m so proud of me for selecting Sunflower to be a part of Maylu’s developmental process. 2006-2008 Parent Bady Souter

We have had at least one child at Sunflower for six years now. What a great team of teachers you have! In all seriousness, Sunflower feels like family to us, and we’re so grateful to have had this wonderful place for our kids to grow, learn, feel safe, and have a great time. Let us know when you decide to open an elementary school! 2000-2006 Parent Michelle Dillon

My daughter went to Sunflower Preschool and loved it. The kids spend a lot of time outside, which Gracie loved. She loved having her own little space to grow vegetables and had a great time picking raspberries. She also loved pool time and playing on the playground. Inside she talked non-stop about all the neat things to learn about in the science room and she spent a lot of time at the art easel. My favorite part of Sunflower was watching Gracie get the support she needed to develop social skills and learn to be independent and confident. I wouldn’t send my kids anywhere else! 2002-2006 Parent Mary Ernest

Sunflower Preschool was the perfect choice for our son, Lucas. He entered a shy and reserved little boy and in two years he has blossomed into a confident and socially active young man. 1993-1996 Parents Mo and Jennifer Siegel