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March and April Bring Warmer Weather…. And Dinosaurs to Sunflower!

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The dinosaur theme curriculum has been a favorite for the Sunflower children for many years. Children are natural scientists who love to explore the questions of extinction, dinosaur habitat, dinosaur characteristics and the wonder and mystery of all things dinosaur!

 Many children bring a general interest in dinosaurs to Sunflower and then their knowledge is happily expanded during the dinosaur unit. The children are busy learning about carnivore, herbivore, and omnivore dinosaurs in the science room as well as other details about their habitats and how they lived. We’re also learning about fossils and volcanoes. Did you know that Sunflower has real dinosaur fossils and a real dinosaur egg that was featured in National Geographic?! Children love learning about what the earth was like millions of years ago.

Look for all things dino throughout the classrooms. The climber is now a dinosaur land; kids trace the names of dinosaurs at the writing easel and learn weekly dinosaur words in the language area; the math area incorporates dino egg and nest counting; practical life features dino lockboxes, and a paleontologist dig; our weekly yoga features “dino pokey”, dinosaur breathing and dino poses; snack is a yummy dino delight of herbivore and carnivore snacks, dino nests and eggs; and the art projects will include lots of dino surprises.

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