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It’s Back to School at Sunflower Preschool!

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It’s the beginning of September! Fall is in the air, as is the excitement of the new school year. We are thrilled to be welcoming many new kids to Sunflower Preschool in addition to welcoming back many of our Sunflower friends.

A couple of weeks ago the teachers worked hard to clean the classroom, organize all of our materials, and create new curriculum and activities.

Our science room is sure to spark a sense of wonder in kids of all ages. In the summer we studied the ocean. Now, we are starting off the new school year with a Harvest theme. The children are able to experience harvesting in a hands-on manner as we have harvested the  Sunflower grown bounty of fruits throughout the summer months including cherries, raspberries, peaches, and grapes. We also have lots of flowers to harvest such as calendula, sunflowers, morning glories and Russian sage. Of course there are many veggies and herbs! The children have all loved harvesting our crops and the materials, games, and projects in the science room are a reflection of this summer Harvest

In addition we talk about Native Colorado animals and the children enjoy learning about the familiar animals they may see in our Boulder environment, thus creating a more multi-dimensional learning experience.

With all of our new Sunflower Friends, we feel it is important to support children as they learn to separate from mom and dad and become comfortable at school. We emphasize self-concept, feelings, friendships, families, basic social skills of kindness and sharing and getting along. We help children become familiar with the school routines and basic expectations of each day, show them what is available and assist them as they learn to make choices in our classroom.

This Fall the children also enjoy music class on Tuesdays and yoga on Wednesdays!

Welcome back to Sunflower! Looking forward to a wonderful school year ahead.

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