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Science-Based Theme Curriculum

Science-Based Theme Curriculum

Slider 1-1The science-based theme curriculum we offer at Sunflower Preschool has evolved gradually over time. When Sunflower opened in 1981, we had a fraction of the materials, games, furniture, science items, and educational materials that we now own. Sunflower was a Montessori-based curriculum with mostly Montessori materials and a great collection of manipulatives. As the years went by, Debra observed the children’s need for dramatic play and their excitement with new ideas when we rotated materials and curriculum. Our first theme curriculum idea was the Sunflower post office. It was well received by the children and the by-product of all the fun and dramatic play was an increase in writing skills, letter recognition, and reading skills.

In 1990, Debra bought the existing building, which allowed for more creativity and freedom to design educational curriculum. Since 1990, the science-based theme curriculum has continued to develop into a developmentally appropriate, hands-on, exciting addition to the learning centers and basic Sunflower curriculum. We view the theme curriculum as “icing on the cake”. The children love to explore the classroom throughout the year as the curriculum changes. The children learn about science and the world around them, as they choose what interests them from every theme. The theme curriculum is not required, as it is a child-directed environment. The children can choose play dough, art, blocks, dramatic play, etc. throughout the year and are not “forced” to learn “science facts”. However, we find that the majority of children are stimulated intellectually from the ongoing themes and do choose the activities from the different themes.

pic_sciencecassieIn addition, the theme curriculum provides children with opportunities to grow socially and emotionally. Often, children find new friendships as they discover that they share a common interest with someone else in the class. As the child’s interest grows, they become more interested in the theme. Children come to school excited to learn and they enjoy sharing their new knowledge with their parents and friends.

Our theme curriculum traditionally runs from January through August. The theme is integrated throughout all the learning centers.

Our science-based theme curriculum consists of Dinosaurs, Bugs & Insects, Tropical Rainforests, Oceans & Ocean Animals, Space and our Solar System, and Colorado plants and animals.