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Summer is here!

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Summer is here at Sunflower Preschool! Each day we emphasize the simple joys of summer: water play, gardening, walks, outdoor projects and child-directed exploration of our multi-dimensional play areas and gardens.This summer Sunflower Preschool children will enjoy:–  Planting and harvesting lettuce, kale, radishes, tomatoes, and carrots that will be ready to eat by September.–  Splish splashing in the pool and running through the sprinklers.–  Hands-on water exploration with...

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Bats, Owls, Spiders Oh my!

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October is an exciting month at Sunflower. We spend more time talking about the changing seasons and do lots of art work with leaves. Yesterday, we made leaf rubbings and today we collected oak leaves from a tree in our yard and made leaf prints. In preparation for our field trip next week to the pumpkin patch, the kids made pumpkin bread for snack next week. Our classroom also has new curriculum in it. The science room features bats, spiders, owls and even REAL human bones. In our big room,...

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Welcome to the 2013-1014 School Year

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Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year. We are in full swing! The children are getting to know the different learning centers in our big room as well as the practical life room. Our theme for the beginning of the school year is “Getting to know You.” Our classroom is decorated with welcoming, fall colors. At this time of year, we also like to highlight the harvest that goes on during September and October. However, this year is slim pickin’. The children have helped picked...

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The Bug Lady came to Sunflower

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 On Monday, we were lucky enough to have the Bug Mobile from the Butterfly Pavilion come visitSunflower. The children were able to see hissing cockroaches, a black widow spider, a scorpion and ‘Rosie’ the tarantula. The children were able to have Rosie crawl on their hand. Many giggled and said she tickled their hand when she walked.   This week, we have also gotten out of outdoor bug catchers. The children have been finding spiders in the sandbox, ants in the gravel and r...

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Bugs, Insects and rainforest animals Oh My!

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Our classroom has been transformed to the world of bugs and insects. In every learning center, the children discovered new work with bugs and insects. In language, we are featuring the honey bee and in math, there is lots of butterfly work. This morning, the block area became a zoo for all the rainforest animals. The zoo had monkeys, cheetahs, tigers, rhinos, and many more critters that needed homes. In the science room, we are featuring lady bugs with a special lab bench project. To make this...

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The End for Dinosaurs is near!

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This is our last week for dinosaurs! On Monday, our classrooms will become the wild world of bugs and insects. Last week, there was a volcano eruption in the sandbox and this week we will be going on a dinosaur dig on our playground. The dinosaur of the week is flying reptiles and in the science room we have been making oviraptor kites to demonstrate that scientists believe dinosaurs had feathers.  We are taking good care of our plants outside, our peas and radishes are sprouting. Inside our...

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