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Sunflower Preschool Welcomes New Owner

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Sunflower Preschool Welcomes New OwnerTo Celebrate and Introduce New Families Boulder School Hosts Open House: 35 Years, The Next Generation Sunflower Preschool in Boulder is celebrating two milestones this year: Founder and Owner Debbie Ellman is retiring and her daughter, Marisa Ellman, is taking over as Owner/Operator. Sunflower, a Montessori-based preschool known for fostering creative play in a multi-sensory outdoor environment (certified Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom), has been...

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Announcement from Debbie and Marisa

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Dear Parents and Friends of Sunflower Preschool,After nearly 35 years of running Sunflower, it is time for me to retire. I founded Sunflower in 1981 and had no idea that we would thrive and grow together through these many years.Sunflower has been my life’s work, my “third child”, my pride and joy, and my community. It has been an absolute privilege to have been a part of hundreds of children’s early years, a part of their growth and development. I have loved getting to know the many families...

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International Play Iceland

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International Play Iceland, October 11-16, 2015, Debbie Ellman      Recently I found myself on a volcanic island in the far North Sea.  An island so unique and remote that when the Vikings arrived a thousand years ago the only mammals they found on land were the Arctic fox and some Irish Monks.In general I could say that islands were a large part of my growing up.  A childhood spent in nature: running through rice paddies or barefoot on West Indian lava rock. ...

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March and April Bring Warmer Weather…. And Dinosaurs to Sunflower!

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      The dinosaur theme curriculum has been a favorite for the Sunflower children for many years. Children are natural scientists who love to explore the questions of extinction, dinosaur habitat, dinosaur characteristics and the wonder and mystery of all things dinosaur!  Many children bring a general interest in dinosaurs to Sunflower and then their knowledge is happily expanded during the dinosaur unit. The children are busy learning about carnivore, herbivore, and omnivore...

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Happiest of Holidays at Sunflower Preschool!

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We love the holiday season at Sunflower Preschool. The children and teachers have enjoyed our Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations and we look forward to more celebrations in December as well. Halloween: Our 32nd annual Halloween Party was so much fun! Thanks to all our parent volunteers and hard-working teachers, the party went off without a hitch. Halloween day was bright and blustery and all our little Halloween characters enjoyed games and activities inside and outside, and yummy...

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It’s Back to School at Sunflower Preschool!

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It’s the beginning of September! Fall is in the air, as is the excitement of the new school year. We are thrilled to be welcoming many new kids to Sunflower Preschool in addition to welcoming back many of our Sunflower friends. A couple of weeks ago the teachers worked hard to clean the classroom, organize all of our materials, and create new curriculum and activities. Our science room is sure to spark a sense of wonder in kids of all ages. In the summer we studied the ocean. Now, we are...

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